Meet Our Team

Recovery Opportunity Center Staff

Lisa St. George

Director of Recovery Practices
When I  joined RI International on September 5, 2000, I was excited but had no idea  that my new job would take me on such an amazing journey. My career with RI International, then called META Services, began with helping prepare,  present, and experience the joy of participating in Peer Employment Training.  The fifteen individuals and two other team members that were part of that first  Peer Employment Training gave me a fantastic opportunity to see recovery happen  and experience it first-hand! We have trained well over 3000 individuals  internationally since then.  READ MORE

Terrence JR Smithers, Director of Facilitating and Learning

Terrence J-R Smithers

Administrator of Education and Employment
Throughout my life I have enjoyed success in both the  Education and Behavioral Health fields. I have achieved State and National  certification and licensure in counseling with a specialization in Addictions,  Relapse Prevention and HIV/AIDS education and prevention as well as  certification as a Secondary Education Teacher. I have held positions of  leadership as a Curriculum Development Lead, Senior Therapist, and Certified  Trainer of Trainers for the CDC, Health Education Coordinator and Benefits and  Services Specialist.  Throughout all of  this, I also managed and mis-managed an addiction challenge as well as the  belief that there was a diagnosis waiting for me.  READ MORE

PJ Simonson, Support Services Coordinator

PJ Simonson

Support Services Coordinator
I started out working as an assembler in a plastic’s manufacturing plant and gradually began working in quality control as an inspector. Quality Assurance and Quality Control was my career for many years in different capacities from cosmetic’s to avionics to electronics.  In the early ‘90’s I took some college course’s that enabled me to move from working in manufacturing to the front office. At first I worked as a customer service representative and then became an administrative assistant.  Although I managed to be a responsible employee, my personal life suffered as my drinking progressed. READ MORE

Vicki Rainey

Recovery Education Specialist
I grew up in Phoenix, Arizona where I still reside. After graduating high school I went to work for a local grocery store and worked there for nineteen years. I always felt like there was more out there for me, I just didn’t know quite what it was or I was supposed to do with my life. I spent a portion of my life struggling with addiction, which did not help in my quest for clarity. I eventually found myself at the doors of RI International and I have not looked back since. After several promotions within the company, I came to work with the Recovery Opportunity Center in a position that I absolutely love. I am a Recovery Education Specialist. I am one of several trainers that provide Peer Employment Training to individuals who are seeking recovery and true meaning and purpose in their lives. I recently received my Associates in Chemical Dependency and I am proud to say that I have now found what I have been searching for most of my life: a job that is fulfilling, meaningful, with the ability to help others.

Mike Runningwolf, Recovery Education Specialist

Mike Runningwolf

Recovery Education Specialist
I received my BA from Boise state university in Secondary  Education with an emphasis in History, Kinesiology, and Biology.  Upon Graduation, I worked as a High School  instructor and football coach for a school district in southwest Idaho. In  February of 2010, moved to Phoenix Arizona and worked for the National Alliance  on Mental Illness. I am presently a Recovery Instructor at Recovery Opportunity  Center teaching Peer Employment Training Classes, and work part time as an In  Our Own Voice presenter for the National Alliance on Mental Illness.

Max Rowland, Recovery Education Specialist

Max Rowland

Recovery Education Specialist
I received my Associates Degree in Commercial Art and Advertising from Gateway Community College. Upon my graduation I began working for the Regional Behavioral Health Authority for Maricopa County, and community stake holders with a focus on the integration of mental health services in the community. I joined the Recovery Opportunity Center team in September 2012, where I am currently a Recovery Education Specialist teaching Peer Employment Training classes.

Jeff DeAvila

Multimedia Specialist and Videographer
I received my Associates in Film/Television Production from Scottsdale Community College.  I am currently working on my second Associates in Fine Arts, also at Scottsdale Community College.  I have worn many different hats on film sets: acting, directing, producing, editing, writing, camera, lighting and even sound design.  I work as the Media Specialist in the ROC, helping to create fun, innovative and inspiring films about recovery.  I love movies and the stories that they tell.  I feel honored to help others tell their stories to the world.

Jen Anderson

Digital Media Marketing and Web Development Specialist
I graduated with a BA in journalism and communications from the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire in 2005, and a Master of Public Policy from Arizona State University in 2011. From 2009 to 2011, I studied and specialized in a variety of policy issue areas, including immigration, housing, welfare, and health care – and focused in the nonprofit sector. My journey led me to ROC as a Marketing and Support Services Coordinator, managing marketing and outreach efforts while providing administrative support for our team of trainers; and most recently as a Digital Media Marketing and Web Development Specialist, helping to spread RI International’s message of recovery and hope worldwide through new and different channels.