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This digital library includes articles we have written over the years, as well as articles by other authors, on topics we want to share with you.

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Peers Working with Peers (Best Practices)


The value of peer employees. Peer support in a variety of environmental settings. Personal and societal benefits of employing Peer Support Specialists in recovery organizations. A national overview of Peer Support programs.



Leading a Peer Workforce (Best Practices)


Best practices in adding peers to a workforce, and lessons learned from organizational successes.




Creating Wellness and Healing Spaces


No Force First: eliminating seclusion and restraint practices in crisis settings. Creating environments that support recovery. Transforming common approaches to wellness.



Health Care Integration


Advancing behavioral health in a changing health care environment. Preparing for and improving integration of primary care and behavioral health care.




Transformation (Recovery Focused)


Transforming traditional behavioral health care models to recovery models is no small feat. Included are tools, steps, and success stories of transformation, from planning to implementation… and beyond.



Reinventing Case Management


Revolutionizing traditional case management practices to include principles of empowerment, recovery and self-determination.




Moving Forward in Recovery


How recovery happens. What tools are at hand and how obstacles are navigated with a recovery focus. The roles of recovery education, community supports and emphasis on strengths.



Spirituality / Meaning and Purpose


What role does a person’s concept of spirituality play his or her recovery? The essential role of meaning and purpose.




Global Recovery (What’s Happening in the World)


Stories of recovery from around the globe.

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